New Bob Basset Steampunk Mask Inspired by Black Lagoon

Bob Bassett is known for their ultra rad and Steampunk masks and sculptures, which we feature regularly.

These masks either are whimsical and have a character of their own or they take inspiration from characters found in popular culture. This particular mask called 60 monstr seems to be inspired by the creature from Black Lagoon, the manga series which was released in 2008.

Not only does the mask look Steampunk, but it also brings to mind images of monstrous creatures and deathly beings. This mask can easily be one of the coolest things to wear if you happen to go to a Halloween party. The 60 monstr is made from leather and is one of the coolest masks that we have ever come across. It is not clear for much Bob Basset sells this for, and if it is even available for sale.

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