Geek Makeup: Superhero Lipstick Art

My female friends always find it difficult to keep their lipstick from getting smudged when they talk or when they lick their lips.

While I totally understand that it is annoying to dab a new coat of lipstick every other hour, I wonder how long a lipstick art like this one here would last! Photographer Jonathan Knowles has created superhero symbols on a woman’s lips with the help of makeup artist Celine Nonon.

Apparently, these lipstick designs are for real and are not Photoshopped as skeptics would want to believe. The designs include Superman, Batman and Captain America and I am not sure if there are no anymore superheroes to grace your lips. This could be the best way to put that annoying girl down if you always wanted to appear geekier than she could ever be.

It will of course require a lot of effort and makeup expertise to create a lipstick design that is as advanced and pretty as this one here. I think it is better than wearing superhero clothes and hats like most of you have been doing all these years. You might also want to take a look at the Futae Compass Eyelild Brush, which makes your eyes appear larger.