Sony Denies Warranty Repair on a Dusty PlayStation 3

We pay a lot for our products and hope they will perform as promised. In case something goes wrong, we depend on the warranties to help us, and in some cases the manufacturers or retailers even attempt to sell extended coverage (for extra piece of mind).

There is a big story going on these days where a dusty PlayStation 3 was denied warranty coverage, with Sony requesting the owner to pay $150 for replacement.

Although all PS3 owners can admit that the shiny black console is a dust magnet, the PS3 in question was considered to be “too dusty”. Sony claimed that the amount of dust was “hazardous to the technicians’ health”.

Dusty Ps3

Consumerist were able to get official pictures of the PS3 that was denied its warranty because of its ‘filthy’ state. While Sony previously weren’t interested in releasing these photos, they did later claiming that they are “neither confidential nor private”. These pictures are now shared with the rest of us and enables us to have a wiser opinion.

So what is your opinion. Do you think Sony was right at denying warranty coverage on this Playstation 3? Was the owner actually irresponsible and overly neglected the game console?

Especially right before the holidays, is this negative publicity worth it for Sony…for $150?

The original Fox news story can be seen below:

Via TechEblog