Chuck Norris Fact: Chuck in Super Mario Brothers, Nothing Lives


Chuck Norris Facts have made us laugh so many times since they surfaced. While they are not made up by Chuck himself, they still deserve the credit and respect that Chuck would demand. Whether it is his roundhouse kicks, cure for cancer, or simply being Chuck, these facts are not to be taken lightly. And here is another Chuck Norris fact: If Chuck Norris replaced Mario in Super Mario Brothers, Nothing would Live.

I am not certain how long it took to create this video below, but it is so entertaining. Someone recreated the famous first stage of Super Mario Brothers but Mario is nowhere to be found. A new Sheriff came to town, or should I say: Walker, Texas Ranger, and the classic game is now called: Super Chuck Norris. Actually, Chuck kicks major ass in this game, I mean major.

Have fun!

Via: Geekologie