Lego Mindstorm Worm

Lego Mindstorm Worm by Dave Parker is an amazing model that is quite intriguing. In fact, one can’t help but wonder how the ‘worm’ moves and what makes it move so unusually. The Lego Inch Worm (as he likes to call it) comes with a black gear which helps you to operate the motor by bare hands and adjust the position.

Using Grey and Beige pegs, the model is flexible and the parts move freely. The guy has used the ‘Inch Worm’ program to help the model move in its trademark unusual gait. All you need to do is manipulate the large black gear and the worm looks like it lies flat on the ground and crawls in a creepy manner all across the place.

The Lego Mindstorm Safe is another example of a great Lego functional model. If you are not satisfied with all the gaudy Lego creations being built by enthusiasts, you may spend a moment or two and see how the Lego Mindstorm Solves Rubik’s Cube, and The Mindstorm Lego Motorcycle may not turn you in to a motorway king but it sure looks better than real life bikes.

One thing that is always intriguing about Lego creations is how versatile and diverse they really are. In fact, one shouldn’t be surprised if the future sees many more Lego models which will in turn inspire product designers to create real products that can be manufactured and used. Meanwhile, the Lego Mindstorm Worm may just be crawling under your seat and you may indeed need to get up!

Via: Makezine