Xbox 360 Mod Car

An Xbox 360 Console and Controllers Modded in a car! Who comes up with this stuff? Gamers…

I have heard of many Xbox 360 mods in different shapes and forms such as the Gears of War Xbox, but an Xbox modded into an actual car? that is a first. At first it sounds weird, then sounds cool, but when you look at it, you realize that the two just go wonderful together. It is like a match made in heaven.

This Xbox 360 gamer must not been able to be away from their video games for too long. With the Xbox 360 Theft, it is understandable to want it with you at all times, but what do you do when you arrive to your destination? Now someone needs to improve it like Anti-Theft Car Stereo.

Props to the maker for the beautiful work and clean presentation of this Xbox 360 Mod Car. Now, where do you play the games?

Via: UniqueDaily