Space Invaders Game in your Ice Box

If you remember the games that you played when you were slightly young, you would remember how you played the Space Invaders Game with relish. With that in mind, you would definitely like the Ice Invaders, which bring the memories of a lost youth or childhood.

These ice cube trays are 100% pure silicone and can be used in the ovens safely. They also claim to be dishwater and ‘ray-gun’ safe, just in case you were worried. There is no information about its price or availability but it should be in stores by Spring.

If you were looking for more retro game inspired fun stuff, you could check out the different designs and gadgets of the Space Invaders Game or the Classic Tetris ice trays, which we have already featured. Looks like the nostalgia element will rule this Spring, when it comes to choosing or buying gadgets.

The Space Invaders Ice Tray runs for only $8.80 and could make an 80’s party come alive.

Via: OhGizmo