Millenium Falcon Lego Stop Motion Video


If you are a Star Wars fan, then you will definitely love this stop motion video of the infamous Millenium Falcon ship being build with Lego bricks. It presents the construction of the entire ship in a speedy video.

The Star Wars Millenium Falcon is probably one of the most popular movie ship ever, besides the Starship Enterprise, and its fanbase is also divided with the second. We have seen more than a few remake items provided of this ship, such as: the Millenium Falcon sled or the amazing Millenium Falcon papercraft model. This additional presentation is by one of our most favorite toys…Lego, and is a heck of a creation.

This construction video shows that not just a hollow ship was built, but the insides were remade, to give it density and realism. Enjoy it and dream on.