How To Solve the Rubik’s Cube in 25 Seconds with a Blender


There have been a growing number of people who have been almost offended by the invincible nature of Rubik’s Cube. Tom Dickinson and the guys at Blendtec seem to belong to that group. In an entertaining and funny video, Tom shows how to solve the annoying Rubik’s Cube in just twenty five seconds with his gloves on and his eyes closed. [Video Below]

All he did was, put the once invincible Rubik’s cube inside the company’s blender and switched it on. In less than twenty seconds, the cube ‘blended’ and was thus solved. However, there is a cautionary note to the funny video and kids apparently must not try this at home. If they don’t want kids to try this out at home, why give them ideas!

Nevertheless, the ‘blending’ of Rubik’s Cube in a good ol’ blender might satisfy those who hate putting their cognitive abilities to task, and call this the final revenge against the foreboding and imposing Rubik’s Cube. I wonder why there is so much of violence, overt or covert, these days. Not happy with this unconventional way of solving it? Learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube with Words!