Transformers Bumblebee PC Case Mod


If you are a great fan of all those Autobots in Transformers, and especially love Bumblebee, you would be excited to know that Adrian Gallego has modified his son’s Antic 300 as a tribute to the cool ‘little brother’. If his elder brothers worried about Bumblebee’s tiny size, Adrian certainly did not and the case mod looks cooler than anything that I have ever seen lately.



Adrian painted the chassis Black & Yellow and in the side panel, custom windows were installed. Adrian wasn’t satisfied with the original hard drive and power supply. So he went ahead and used the Diamond Plate Film by MNPCTech. The top panel consists of a fan to keep the case cool and the Transformers emblem does the rest to make the case look cooler. You could see that Bumblebee’s silhouette adorns the front of the case and the whole thing looks almost futuristic.



The modified Antec 300 also has great specs like the Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard which supports the Intel Q6600 processor. You wouldn’t need to worry about 3D and images while playing games as the mod comes fitted with an awesome TI Radeon 3870 graphics card. If this gets you in to the Bumblebee mood, you must also try the equally cool Bumblebee Transformer Costume which we had featured sometime ago.


Via: CaseModBlog