Pacman and the Ghosts Hair Clips


When Namco developed Pacman, they had no idea the game would become so popular and a representation of mass culture. In order to capture this unique fascination with Pacman, you could try these cool Ghost Hair Clips which are part of the Pacman series (Thank you to CharlieMac for the images and personal comments below). These ghosts look more friendly and less scary.


Available in a number of colors, the seller is ready to get these hair clips done in any color you want, but you would just need to drop in a word. These hair clips could be used by any age group but though i wouldn’t see grown men wearing them!

As explained by Charliemac:

These are made of wool-blend felt, cotton and silver plated snap hair clips. I don’t use any glue in my hair clips given they are designed for children (and the child at heart!). I am inspired my so many things, many from my past (such as the Pacman hair clips) and other things that I just think are cute! Last year I traveled to Japan for the Cherry Blossom festival and fell in love, therefore I’m heavily inspired by cherry blossoms at the moment.

The Pacman hair clips was a random idea that popped into my head while out-and-about. I had to write it on a piece of paper so I remembered to give them a shot when I got home. I just kept thinking about what I loved when I was a kid and how I might be able to adapt that into my hair clips. Pacman, to me is the quintessential computer game of my time (oh dear that might give away how old I am!!!) that and Frogger and parachute!

I just want to make fun, bold and colorful things,  the type of thing that you see and makes you smile, even if you’re having a rotten day. I think the Pacman hair clips manage to achieve this goal!

Being completely handmade, the hair clips have an innocence which throws us back to the 80s when Pacman was a game we all loved to play.


Each of these hair clips cost $6 and if you request, you could buy many in different colors. Pacman has inspired a number of artifacts like these and if you would like to take a look at a few more, we have many in our kitty. You should check out these awesome Pacman Stools. You could also try the Pacman and Ghosts Metal Belt, if you like your style a little ‘off centre’.