Cool Spock Sackboy Doll


Sackboy is as cool as Fonzie, and when you combine him with the Spock character from Star Trek, you get a combination that puts a smile on your face.


This crochet doll of Sackboy is one for the books. It presents Sackboy as the infamous Star Trek character Spock in a number of different poses that are hilarious. Of course, Spock doesn’t need to smile and this particular one doesn’t have the pointy ears but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is not a replica, but a fun new Sackboy character that is a little down to earth…or maybe not.



I for one love this new Spock look and would love to see all teh Star Trek characters put into such a manner. Heck, you could probably make a whole episode based on them Enterprise crew being made into Sackboys.


Via: PS3Maven

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