Meat Business Cards


Business cards are so pass√© that even old geezers have begun to stop using them and instead have a profile on LinkedIn. When professional and social networking are becoming so indispensable in our lives, there is absolutely no place for business cards anyway. If you would go and ask a punk about business cards he might very well ask you to “Eat your card, sucker!”. Well eat, we can now. MeatCards are, as the name suggests, business cards manufactured from edible meat.


The cards come with all your information laser etched in a unique process that leaves your business card looking more delicious and less redundant. If you ever thought a person is not of any use anymore, you may just eat up their card and feel good about nourishing yourself with protein. The product is still in beta stages and would soon be available commercially. I wouldn’t think these MeatCards would replace exchanging other forms of professional information.

I would just say, this is an interesting and cool way to display your name for a while and feel good about it. Moreover, you may end up having an oily wallet and thus, it isn’t even an option to think about the cards’ functionality. What does seem a little more relevant are the Facebook Business Cards. If you still want a quirkier and funnier business card for yourself, try the Lego Figures Business Cards.

Via: Tech Crunch