New Wolverine 2 Being Planned by Hugh Jackman


While much has been said and done about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, people all over the globe have already begun to expect a sequel. Rumors about the sequel were proven right when it was recently confirmed that Hugh Jackman has begun working on Wolverine 2.

Wolverine 2 would be set in Japan and of course would involve Samurais and other Japanese warriors. It is not clear whether Samurais would fight alongside anarchist but heroic Wolverine or they would fight against him. Whatever the case might be, it is going to be interesting as hell to see Wolverine tread new soil and engage himself and his fans in exotic adventures.

Japanese customs, traditions and culture is world renowned and so are their weapons which can slice off heads within an instant. One wouldn’t really need automatic weapons and laser beams when one has access to Japanese swords that are sharper than a ray of light. It would be totally awesome to see Wolverine handling these Japanese weapons and getting acquainted with Japanese culture and Eastern way of life.

If one were to introspect, most of us have gotten tired of seeing Logan in similar situations and thus have been wanting him in newer and more exciting locales. The Jewish Wolverine may handle the baddies holed up in Jerusalem and give a glimpse of the sunny Mediterranean country. Perhaps some people would also like to teach their children about birds and bees with the Wolverine Blow up Toy. Whatever the case might be, Wolverine is all set for a versatile and exciting life ahead.

Via: Slash film