Funny World Of Warcraft in Real Life


I’m not sure how old (or new) this World Of Warcraft video is, but one thing is for sure…there are some funny WoW fans out there.

World Of Warcraft is so damn popular, that there are as many fan made videos as there are subscribers. We have seen some funny parodies before, such as the World of World of Warcraft made by the Onion, but this one is a little more realistic…as in Real Life.


Although he video is not in English, WoW fans will definitely understand what is going on and will probably pick on some extra ‘inside jokes’ outsiders will not. The main hero goes around town, interacts with other characters and also participates in a drinking fight. unfortunately, there is also a death in this real World of Warcraft remake, but a happy ending is guaranteed.

Via: FreshPics

2 thoughts on “Funny World Of Warcraft in Real Life

  1. wow accounts.

    At first I was thinking that it would’ve been better if they put on costumes and stuff. But lo and behold, there was a twist in the end! Lol

    I quit wow a couple of months ago but that video made me smile. But getting dc’d just before getting your phat lewt is always a bummer.


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