Nintendo Gameboy Plush Toys for Gameboy Fans

Nintendo Gameboy fans will surely love to get these Gameboy Plush toys that would make as amazing gifts for old retro, old school gamers that grew up on the Nintendo Handheld device. When they are not busy with Nintendo Gameboy console they can always hold or cuddle these softie Gameboys and drift into dream world.

nintendo gameboy plushies gifts

Kids always love to have a companion which goes around with them. They often long for pets or geeky ones get hooked on to favorite gaming character and get obsessed with them. They never really get enough of the game for they never really want to leave company of these gaming characters or even consoles. Gaming den becomes the comfort zone. And this has nothing to do with parental attention or lack of it. Even adults get obsessed with gadgets and games. So it is better to accept the modern geeky reality. Instead of stuffed animals’ soft toys, geeky kids will surely prefer cute 6 ½” x 4”soft Gameboy plushie to hang around with.

Of course nothing beats human contact. Kids should be encouraged to mingle with other kids but even there they would want to show off their cute lovable Gameboy Plushies or gift their friends the same. Just order them through Kung Fu Cowgirl, who also can custom make them according to your choice of color.

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