Become a Ninja with Snake Eyes Mask and Sword Set

gi joe snake eyes mask and sword

Snake Eyes from GI Joe is definitely my favorite character and if you are anywhere close to me, then you will surely be awed by this Snake Eyes set which lets you dawn the stealth ninja’s mysterious attire.

The mask, which is a replica of the one used in the movie, is made up of high quality plastic and will make you feel like the GI Joe hero. The other accessory, or rather, a necessity that the pack contains is the Katana sword replica, which can make electronic sword “swoosh” and “clang” sounds and flash some lights with just a press of a button that’s fitted on the handle. What’s more, this sword is fitted with a hidden missile launcher and two missile accessories, which can surprise your “enemy” on the battlefield, what say you? The ninja stars can ward of the offenses from a distance, keeping your battalion of elite forces in safe grasps.

Now, no one can be a better elite force leader than you when you put on this mask and flaunt the sword, right? So grab your mouse (and your credit card, of course) and buy this merchandise which is up for grabs for a price of $33.39 that I think is worth the package. And if your penchant for GI Joe heroes is not just limited to Snake eyes and if your budget allows you to, then you can take a look at this collector’s edition GI Joe set, which won’t disappoint you.