GI Joe Monopoly Game Version fo Die Hard Fans

The ruthless money game Monopoly just got a military make over, as the new GI Joe Monopoly game has hit the stores, combining the military tactics with the real estate ones. Monopoly has always been the most favorite of the family board games, and now it has been combined with one of the most selling action figures of the whole gi joe monopoly game

This is a special collectors edition released just for the fans of Monopoly and G.I.Joe, something that they might not even have imagined in their wildest dreams. In this new form of the timeless estate game, one needs to control the G.I.Joe and capture some of the most iconic bases that were featured in the G.I.Joe amine series of the 1980s. The whole game has gone a complete transformation and the risk factor has also drastically increased, none the less the stakes have become higher and the deals much more tougher.

Selling for $33.99 a piece, sadly this cool collectors edition is only available for sale in the United States and cannot be exported, bringing the best of the military world and the real estate into one super-cool game is the underlying motto behind the whole idea. If you are still not satisfied with the current version of the game then you might like to check out the Star Trek Monopoly edition or the Nintendo Monopoly edition to curb your hunger.