World Of Warcraft Drums Of War Collectible Cards Are Now Available

World of Warcraft, the award winning MMORPG has launched yet another pack of its thrilling and adventurous trading card game, called World of Warcraft Drums of War Booster Box.

world of warcraft drums of war trading cards

This release is a booster pack and is the seventh release so far. This premium booster pack contains 24 sets of cards with each set containing 19 gaming cards and a UDE card. The stretchable UDE cards reveals a unique code, which when submitted can get you special TCG cards, promotional material and ability to upgrade your player in skills or give it some distinct cosmetic improvements.

The game play, this time, is based in Kalimdor, and this one introduces several new warlords, which may help you in your battle, or will crush you beneath their feet. Small alliance troops from Azeroth, which will strategically make their foothold strong, will surprise anyone who foolishly tries to cross their path of success. It is you and your only weapon – your intellect – who decide what the fate has in hold for your troops. Will they be remembered forever and get immortalized in the pages of history or will they be blown by the enemy like the dust in the wind? Call for arms (oops, I must have said cards) and get engaged in the battle, the drums rolls of which will fill your eardrums with thunderous sounds. Available for a sum of $89.99, this collection of trading cards is worth every cent you pay for it, because of the thrill and adventure that is provided in the pacing game play.

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