Boondock Saints 2 Action Figures and All Saints Day Trailer

boondock saints macmanus action figures

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day Movie Trailer was just released and with it some cool Action Figures of the two MacManus boys that would make so many fans simply go crazy.

There have been talks about Boondock Saints 2 Movie for so many years and as time continue to pass, the rumors die off little by little; heck, I never really thought they would actually make the movie. Well, the movie is being released, and an actual trailer is finally shown for the upcoming Boondock Saints 2 entitled: All Saints Day.

Instead of trying to explain about the movie, just click play below. Note: it is an R Rated movie, so it may require you to enter your age to watch the All Saints Day trailer.

In other Boondock Saints 2 news, two cool Action Figures of Conner MacManus and Murphy MacManus re being released later this year and pre-orders are taken now. The two together run for only $28.99 and would go perfect in your Home Entertainment Center that is the perfect place for the two Boondock Saints. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you must get your hands on it, and it is only $12.99 for the Blu-Ray version.

Watch the Boondock Saints Trailer below and let us know what you think of it. Also, do you think they should have remained at one or made the sequel?