Amazing Rubik’s Cube Super Mario Brothers Mosaic Art

cool rubiks cube super mario bros mosaic

Super Mario Brothers strike once again and this time, Mario is in the form of a mosaic created completely out of 24 Rubik’s cubes, which are arranged in a frame in 4 x 6 pattern, making beautiful video game artwork.

new rubiks cube super mario brothers mosaic
new rubiks cube super mario brothers mosaic

The creator is called gfixlera, who is promising that he didn’t fiddle around with stickers to make this innovative stuff; and I guess no one can be more devoted than him. As per the creator, he solved each Rubik’s cube and then rearranged them go get the desired color at the proper positions. Now that’s what a call a tough job, whew! I have provided a few images that show the artwork while it is being made and when it got completed. Also, the designer has a write up on his page that states a few points to prove that he hasn’t “modded” any Rubik’s cube to get the desired output.

super mario bros  rubik's cube art
super mario bros rubik's cube art

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