Star Trek Halloween Masks Look Freaky and Scary

star trek gorn mask

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you might perhaps be interested in getting yourself all the Star Trek merchandise you could probably lay your hands upon. Here are a few cool Halloween masks that you could use to impress the Star Trek fans and scare away people who don’t really know much about this awesome show.

Mugato, from the Star Trek: The Original Series TV show is made of latex and looks quite real indeedYou could wear the Mugato mask on Halloween and scare away those annoying kids that keep screaming in the neighbors’ garden.

Gorn, the evil looking character from “Arena” in the Star Trek: The Original Series TV show has a green color that looks toxic and poisonous. You could wear this at home and wait for the uninvited Halloween guests to knock at the door, and after seeing you in this mask, they might perhaps never think of trick or treating again!

star trek mugato halloween mask

Star Trek: The Original Series TV show also had the unearthly looking Balok and his mask looks freaky and scary to say the least. Balok appears in Star Trek’s “The Corbomite Maneuver” and I am sure a true fan would never forget these little details.

star trek balok mask

The Star Trek Halloween masks cost anywhere between $49.99 and $52.99 and would be available this month onwards. Star Trek has not only inspired many merchandize, but also cool DIV Projects like the LED Star Trek Starship Enterprise. If you are in mood for a game of a different sort, try the Star Trek Monopoly Game. And lastly, if you are interested in different masks, check out the Watchmen Halloween Masks.