Godfather Talking Bobble Head Is Here To Make You A Good Offer

Listen to the Don, and you better pay all the possible attention you can, or else you might miss out some offer that you may not find elsewhere, or probably be kicked off before you get another chance. The Godfather Talking Bobble Head is one such thing that any fan of the action packed move might not like to miss out on.

the godfather bobble head toy

The Don, portrayed by Marlon Brando in the movie, has just been shrinked and mass produced in the form of a Bobble Head, just to make your transactions with your clients much simpler and straight forward, because he would make your client an offer that your client could hardly resist. Just one the touch on your very own Godfather’s head will convey your message in the most straight forward way, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”, is what he says.

Standing 7 inches tall, he will make sure that your clients won’t be disagreeing with you on any terms. You can get your very own Godfather Talking Bobble Head for just $11.99, a small price to pay to ease up all your transactions. You could also have a look at Butters from over at south park, another trash talking bobble head that will make your intentions very clear.

If you are a true Godfather fan, then the Godfather Vinyl Doll or Godfather cellphone charm may be just what you need to make you talk.