Watchmen Buttons Designs are Simply Superb

This set of buttons based on the Watchmen graphic novel and movie are really simple, and yet powerful, for their design help to effectively bring out the character of the vigilante, and people who collect sci-fi memorabilia will definitely love to own them.

Watchmen Clock using Buttons

cool watchmen buttons

The idea of using light for the clock hands makes the whole effect truly stunning don’t you think? Wonderful concept if you ask me.

The Comedian Button

the comedian watchmen button

This is the most popular symbol from Watchmen, both the graphic novel and the movie.

Dr. Manhattan Button

dr. manhattan watchmen button

Another simple button with the same design that Dr. Manhattan came up with.

Rorschach Button

rorschach watchmen button

This button I think just represents the Rorschach mask and looks a bit like something you would have to interpret at a shrink’s office. I like the textures though.

Ozymandias Button

ozymandias watchmen button

I really like this one, which is basically a representation of Ozymandias from the comic I think.

Night Owl Button

niteowl watchmen button

This looks a bit more like Batman than I would like, but who am I to comment?

Silk Spectre Button

silk spectre watchmen button

Somehow this is my favorite button. The legs are well formed, and the ribbons in the shape of two S’s just add the perfect touch.

All these buttons by DanOhh as well as the clock are just concepts for now, but I’m sure someone will start selling them soon. I can’t wait to own the whole set myself. If you want otehr cool Watchmen memorabilia, then check out the Rorschach iPhone Case or The Comedian’s Gun.