The Geekiest Scrabble Game Ever!

funny scrabble game for geeks

Many may think that Geeks stay Online to surf the web, design websites or play World of Warcraft, but it seems that some also like a good challenging game of Scrabble.

This Scrabble board game example shows a game in progress that looks as if the Geek’s dictionary was used for most (if not all) of the words. I can only hope the actual letter combinations and board scoring provides an high tally of points as well…and doesn’t just look cool, I mean Geek.

Just to prove that Geeks were playing this game from FatSeth, you can find words such as: Hacker, Internet, Linux, ROFL, Noob, Yahoo, Tesla, Email, LMAO, Virus and many more.

Along with the Scrabble Keyboard mod, this could be the most educational way for a Geek’s training course to enhance their vocabulary.