Awesome Joker Xbox 360 Mod is fit for the Dark Knight

joker xbox 360 mod

With so many various Xbox 360 mod released by crazed fans, this one of the Joker from the Dark Knight is absolutely amazing, and I take my hat off.

It was created by an Xbox and Batman fan Carl Butler as a fun project and really took its own life by look and design. The famous Joker face that Heath Ledger wore in the latest Batman flick is right in the front and pops out of the Xbox faceplate…asking “Why So Serious?”.

batman xbox 360 mod joker

Moreover, the actual body of the Xbox was done amazing with the look and feel of leather, and the sewing design…as if the real Joker had some sadistic part of the making of this Xbox.

cool xbox 360 mod with joker

Lastly, as if the Bat needed some approval he is still a cool Superhero, the Batman Logo was also added, making sure the Xbox 360 is complete.

What an amazing Xbox 360 mod, for its creativity, artistic vision and movie (comic book) tribute.

Via: XboxFreedom