Lego Transformers Characters To Cube Up Your Life

lego transformers characters optimus prime

Transformers have the cool ability to instantly transform from everyday devices into the extreme universe saving ‘Bots and they will leave no stone unturned in extending their transforming abilities, like this awesome set of Lego Transformers characters.

lego transformers characters megatron

The best thing about this awesome set is that it will really shrink down the craze of transformers to such a minute level that one could fit the whole series in the place of just one giant transformer action figure. The Lego set features all of the lead characters from the transformer series like Optimus Prime and the evil Megatron, Bumblebee, HotShot and many more, all sized down to their minimum levels.

lego transformers characters bumblebee

This is the joint creation of McLane and Scott Clark , who obviously deserve the best of the appreciation from us folks. The best thing about such creative characters is that they really fit well into our display shelves and give off a really cool aura of magnificence rather than the extremely violent action figures that we usually come across.

lego transformers characters jazz

The whole set will just add to the impressive transformers collection you might have had, if not then you could get yourself the cool transformers chess set which requires a combination of wit and courage.

lego transformers characters soundwave

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lego transformers characters starscream