The A Team Perler Beads Art of the Van and Characters

a-team characters perler beads

One of the most talked about movies is the upcoming A-Team film that is being made, which I must admit I am extremely excited about. Now until the movie is released, in respect to the old TV show and retro 80’s style pixel images, here is a great A-Team characters artwork including BA’s famous Van made with Perler Beads.

This cool artwork by Doctor Octoroc brings the foursome back together in old styled video game pixelated graphics that is so true with that decade. It shows B.A. Baracus, Hannibal, Murdock and Face in battle ready mode and ready to take on any foe. Moreover, the infamous A Team van is also well constructed by color, shading and complete awesomeness.

a-team van art

I always loved the old TV show, even though the concept was repeated with every episode, and this artistic remake really brings back old memories…including NES times.

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the a-team van art