NecroMac Computer Mod Brings The Pharaohs Back To Life

NecroMac Mod MacWorld

The NecroMac from is one cool Apple Mac computer modification indeed. and we are pretty sure this took them quite some effort, and the end result is fascinating to say the least…if not historical. It is based on a Blue and White G3, with the shells epoxy painted. ModYourMac managed to get the final output by combining a motley mix of elements, such as white linen paper, lemon juice, etc. For the ‘aged’ look, a heat gun was employed apparently.

NecroMac PC Mod

NecroMac Front

The NecroMac is a winner in the detailing aspect. The hieroglyphs (?) spread across the case generously are certainly cool, though our efforts to decipher them led to a dead end. The finished product, of course, is there for you to witness. We have seen quite a few Mac computer mods in recent times, but the Necromac is one of a kind. It gives you a retro feel and transports you to the age of the Pharaohs. Pretty impressive, indeed! For a more detailed view of how the process transpired, you could view their Photo Gallery. We have got our inspiration, what about you?

NecroMac Rear

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