Picasso Superhero Images are Amazing Artworks

spiderman picasso drawing

Perhaps everyone has dream to be a superhero some day or at least have some superhero powers to save the world, help people or simply impress his/her loved ones. If you too belong to this category and also have a love for art, these Picasso inspired images of superheroes would surely impress you.

wolverine picasso drawing

batman picasso drawing

Inspired by the artistic style of the famous painter – Pablo Picasso, these superhero images by wonderBros are sure to enthrall you, more so because of the brilliant color contrast in tune with what these actual superheroes look like. Thanks to a close up view of the faces in most of these images, you can now see how your superhero would have looked like if the master Spanish painter would have taken it upon himself to paint them.

captain america picasso drawing

hellboy picasso drawing

In the image of Spiderman in his trademark dress with the red emblem “S”, we don’t see the masked man but rather two superimposed faces, showing two eyes, albeit not in their proper positions. The green colored Hulk has its monstrous appeal with angry eyes and hands that appear to be ready to pounce upon the nemesis. Quite contrary to Spiderman’s image, you will find Batman with his mask on.

hulk picasso drawing

iron man picasso drawing

Additional heroes included are Iron Man, Hellboy, Wolverine and much more. Moreover, there are even a few villains who get some art respect such as Venom and the Joker. All in all, the images are currently on display at The Bijou in San Antonio, Texas are worth a watch for sure!

joker picasso drawing

punisher picasso drawing

superman picasso drawing