Wasted Youth Shelf Skull Art Is Music To The Eyes

James Hopkins Wasted Youth

Sometimes cleanliness freaks and people who spend hours putting things in order can end up being accidental artists, like James Hopkins here who has created an awesome display case called ‘Wasted Youth’ with disco balls, speakers, wine bottles, a stupefying globe and a rather dull-looking clock, among a dozen other junk items. The end product, of course, has turned out to be a strange, yet attractive skull head (look closer!). For others, it might be the next best thing to the Great Wall of China and for James it is ‘Wasted Youth’, but for us it is ‘music to the eyes’.

James Hopkins Wasted Youth Shelf Art
One of James’ older works had been showcased last year and ‘Wasted Youth’ is a continuation of the same series. What is baffling (if accidental, really) of course is the fact that every element in the shelf found its perfect position during a ‘reorganization drive’. Well, that certainly gives us a few ideas on putting our junkyard stuff to good use. You never know, the world’s best artists might find their match after all.

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Via: Unplggd