The Two Faced Action Figure Has A Twin Personality

Don’t people always say that there is a particular age when one has two stop playing with action figures(or in the case of girls dolls) ? Well one look at this action figure of Two Face from the move ‘The Dark Knight’ they will certainly have a change of heart.

Two Face Action figure 1

This 1:6 scale of Harvey Dent also known as ‘Two Face’ is intricately detailed and pretty darn realistic as compared to some of the other stuff you see in the market. This action figure comes with two sets of heads and two sets of hands (which is pretty good for those  who tend to lose things easily);  but actually they depict the two personalities of the character in the movie. On the one hand you have ‘Harvey Dent’, the peoples man and also the man of Gotham city; but just a head swap away lies the terribly hurt and vengeful ‘Two Face’. To complete the two face character the action figure comes with the second pair of hands which allows him to flip a coin or to hold a revolver. The head of this action figure s especially detailed when it comes to the urn wounds which can actually scare someone.

This action figure retails for $160.73, but for the quality it seems to be worth it. In fact the quality is so good that one has to think if one really wants to gift it to an eight year old.   personally feel that it  would be more of a  collectors item. If the action gets to heated while playing with your new action figure try chilling out with the batman milk carton, the realistic Joker Action Figure or Joker Heist Figure.