Coolest Video Game Inspired Christmas Ornaments

controller collage ornaments

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all geared to the festivities, and busy doing the last minute shopping with many people shopping right from the Black Friday and some take a more tense stance and start shopping a little later. The major part of Christmas shopping goes towards buying decorative ornaments which cling to the Christmas tree in the most beautiful manner.

We being the geeks would always want to buy something that would reflect our true personalities. Hence, if you are a video game fan and would like to decorate your Christmas tree in terms of video games and consoles, here is a list of cool Video Game Inspired Christmas Ornaments that we found across the web.

I am sure it is not only exciting but a real fun way to celebrate the Christmas by having a video game themed party on the eve of Christmas and also on the day of Christmas. Though traditionalists may disagree, we all can go ahead and celebrate the nativity of Jesus in the geekiest manner possible. Surprisingly, many people seem to have already thought of Video Game Christmas tree ornaments.

Console Inspired Ornaments

Here are some cool ornaments that have been inspired by consoles from many different generations. It would be amazing to have a tree which is full of console inspired ornaments.

console xbox ornamentconsole xbox arcade ornament

The Xbox 360 and Xbox arcade ornaments look so beautiful that you would want to play video games even on the day of Christmas.

console ps3 slim ornament

The PS3 Slim ornament reminds you that this is one of the sleekest consoles available this Christmas. Do you think there could be a better console by the next Christmas?

console nes ornament

The NES inspired ornament brings back memories of a long gone childhood, and also reminds us to enjoy this Christmas for years are passing by swiftly.

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Controller Inspired Ornaments

When we think of consoles, we cannot really forget controllers. So how could we miss the ornaments that are inspired by controllers! I am sure all gaming fans would love these sleek ornaments that have been inspired by various gaming controllers. A Christmas tree with these controller ornaments hanging would make for a complete geeky Christmas.

controller ornaments

controller ps1 ornament

controller red ornaments

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Pacman Ornaments

With consoles and controllers having been taken care of, how could we forget those lovely games from the good old days? What comes to my mind first is Pacman. Here are some really cool Pacman Tree Ornaments hat not only look chic but also quite geeky as well. You could get your friends for a Pacman themed Christmas party!

pacman arcade ornament

pacman keepsake ornament

pacman ornament

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Mario Ornaments

With Pacman being mentioned, we cannot leave Super Mario Brothers behind. This happens to be a favorite game all across the world and thanks to which there are hundreds of Mario inspired ornaments already available. These Mario Mushroom Christmas tree ornaments, stars and characters complete your Mario themed Christmas party!

mario and luigi ornaments

mario bros ornaments

mario mushroom cool ornaments

mario mushroom nice ornaments

mario star christmas ornaments

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Gears of War Ornaments

If you are a wacky guy and always loved games that are slightly different, you would certainly be a huge fan of Gears of War. This game was damn popular many years ago and it still is and that is perhaps why you should consider Gears of War Christmas Tree Ornaments as well. This particular one here looks really vicious and kick ass.

gears of war death ornament

gears of war ornament

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Arcade Ornaments

Much before we began to play using the consoles, most kids used to play video games on those arcades. Moreover, arcade games were and are still popular today because they are so cool. So, after discussing games and consoles, it is only natural that we try and get some ornaments that are inspired by Arcade gaming. The Galaga and other games are still cool and hence these Arcade inspired ornaments would make for a great Christmas tree decoration theme.

arcade galaga cool ornament

arcade galaga ornament

arcade ornament

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Nintendo Ornaments

Princess Peach and Toad, Yoshi, and others have left an indelible impression on our then-young minds. Nintendo was partly responsible for the great deluge of games that we saw during 90s and hence, one must really pay tribute to Nintendo this Christmas just as one would pay tribute all other things that have passed in our lives and given us happiness. After all, Christmas is all about counting our blessings and Nintendo is one of the blessings! These are really cool ornaments, if you asked me.

nintendo model ornament

nintendo monkey ornament

nintendo ornament

nintendo princess and toad image

nintendo yoshi ornament

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Mega Man Ornaments

Call him Rock Man, or call him Mega Man and it really doesn’t matter. This video game character is one of the most popular all across the world and perhaps will remain so for many years to come. You could check out these cool Mega Man inspired ornaments and relive the days of those glorious video gaming days when we played games incessantly.

megaman luigi ornament

megaman ornament

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Earth Bound Ornaments

EarthBound is the favorite game of many people too. Who can forget Giygas on the day of Christmas? Here is an amazing Giygas inspired ornament which decorated the some lucky video game fan’s Christmas tree.

earthbound ornaments

These and many other ornaments can be appreciated and bought all across the Internet and I am sure a Video Game themed Christmas is going to be a lot more than many other themes.

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