Celebrate this Christmas with Pacman Cupcakes

With the forthcoming yuletide celebrations, you are surely licking your lips to savor the delicious cakes and bakery products that you will get to eat. However, if setting your sight on those usual cakes for the umpteenth time makes you cringe and you crave to have something innovative to go with the Christmas celebrations this season, why not try baking your own Pacman cupcakes?

pacman cupcake christmas

If you need some ideas to make your Pacman cakes, you can take a cue from these innovative cupcakes that would not only brighten your celebrations but would even help you revisit your childhood days when you enjoyed playing video games. For one, you may use lemon curd and lemon buttercream to create a lemon cupcake based on the Pacman characters, just like Picture Perfect Cakes did. You may also use the ideas of Star Bakery and opt for a vanilla cupcake having with sweet vanilla whipped butter cream as a topping, which is again topped with a fondant Pacman figure.

So, buy the ingredients today and give yourself a trial with these Pacman game cupcakes so that when the time comes, you are ready to serve yourself and your guests these innovative and yummy Pacman cupcakes.