Avatar Thanator Beast Built from Bionicle

Getting launched by LEGO Group in December 30, 2000, Bionicle toy line has been a big hit since then and in these ten years, there have been many advancements made in the quality of the toys and detailing. This one is the new art created of Thanator beast inspired from James Cameron Avatar movie built by bionicle looks authentic too and  to rock everyone.

I bet there is no one in this planet who hasn’t watched Avatar and its brilliance is incomparable. The best thing about the movie is its characters, graphics with special effects, the designs and the beasts. Along with being beautiful and having exquisite color combinations, Thanator was shown as one of the most majestic dreaded beasts in the movie actually graphically morphed the panther beast and that’s why LEGO has decided to add it in to the bionicle toy list because bionicle toys are those characters which are mostly based on science fantasy world with a different artistic look and became legends, so this Thanator beast fits well in this category. You can see how perfectly Harvey Cu has designed this beast with proper detailing without missing even a smallest bit and giving it a fully metallic look and making it look even more killer. As per the artist it took around 15 to 17 hours to create this mock for a size of over one meter tall. And to create this artificial used more than thousand of parts and looks bigger than a domestic cat. It’s created in such a fashion that its mouth, jaw, head, frills tail, legs can still be moved in any direction for giving it a pose. This artistic creature can win your children’s heart too as it’s really looks out of the world.

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Via : Brothers-brick.com