Henge Transformable Interior Objects Create Physically Impossible Shapes

If you are into transformable objects, you might certainly love to play with Lego blocks. While they are nothing new, there have been several other transformable toys including those that are pretty complicated.

With that in mind, here is something cool that you could use to spend during your free time, only if you could afford it! Tomoo Yamaji is a Japanese product designer who has just launched HENGE which is a transformable interior object.

It can be used to transform into “physically impossible” shapes by using “advanced gimmicks”. The shapes certainly look cool and you could spend an entire evening trying to transform the Henge into something almost extra-terrestrial. The Henge is mad of polyurethane resin and comes completely assembled.

Only 100 of these would be produced and each set would cost $1,100 which makes it a really expensive toy to buy. Since the Henge is so much more than a toy, it is quite a cool product to buy as a gift for someone you love. If the Henge seems too complicated for you, you could try something simpler like the Tetris Origami Blocks which look cute and colorful.