Lego Bionicle Digital Cameras

If you want to help your kid possess a digital camera with a difference that lets his or her imagination run loose and help the kid get a share of the famous Lego brand, here’s your chance to make good of the opportunity. At $19.99, you can buy the Lego Bionicle digital camera from Vorox or Turma for your little one. With these digital cameras, you can encourage your kid’s imagination and get hold of the store of Toa, busy combating the wicked brotherhood of the Makuta. What’s more – the fun doesn’t end here as your kid can even use this Lego Bionicle digital camera to take pictures of his or her friends and family members.

Coming to the specification of the Lego Bionicle digital camera, the LCD Frame Counter has VGA 640×480, and lets you enjoy USB output and fixed focus. The camera can hold a maximum of 40 photos at a time.

On ordering this product, your package will come with the VGA digital camera, a CD with photo-downloading software, USB cable, wrist strap, and the user manual. So, hurry to get your kid a Lego Bionicle digital camera without further delay.

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