Faster Downloads To The Brain, Now Possible Through Built-in Connections

Exams are probably one of the most dreaded nightmares of every student, and being one, I have always felt the need to have a 100TB memory capacity topped up with a high speed connection to the internet, just so that the exams would be no more than a piece of cake for me. But after having a look at this cool pic, I realized that this dream might not be that far off!

The pic shows a certain someone sporting a USB port along with 2 standard 3.5mm auxiliary input ports at the back of the ear lobe, quite reminding me of the highly popular anime series Ghost In The Shell. The USB symbolizes an iPod shuffle icon, while the other two port symbolize Sleep and Food respectively, which probably means that in a few years from now all we would have to do is plug into an auxiliary input and get all our basic supplies through these tiny ports.

Considering the huge leaps in the technical and engineering field, the future might be just around a few corners, and probably there we might come across new modes of transportation like this cool Wheel Rider, or the First Else Smartphone of the future. We might also get a lot more eco-friendly with cool stuff like the recyclable computers, So See You Around In The Future!