A Star Destroyer Wedding Cake for Geeks

One of the most striking feature of the parties, that gets deposited into the memories of visitors is a Cake which always finds the center stage of every celebrations, yes…  along with the celebrity of the party. But what makes it a striking feature? For many people, it is the size which impresses them while for some, the taste and quality etc matters and for very few – like us – the Theme of the cake is what that makes a statement.

Theme of the cake would mean and include anything that a cake would inspire. Speaking of inspiration, we have a cake whose idea seems to be derived from a Star Destroyer Spaceship, and hence titled ‘Star Destroyer Wedding Cake’. Oh! did we mention it was meant for Star Wars geeks weddings, at least this is what the maker of the cake says, or had in mind! Admire the picture below, that’s a cake.

Well, DebbiDoesCakes has impressed us very much and we just can’t wait to have a piece to taste, and we can’t help you from drooling over it. While it looks gorgeously delicious, it is also a perfect way to showcase Star Wars love to the public. So if you wanna make your party an event to remember for visitors or just want to impress with you Star Wars beliefs, you know what should occupy the grand stage in your party, or the wedding.

Without any doubt, it is a masterpiece but the minor details incorporated and worked out in the cake are just jaw-dropping. See for yourself, for even describing so many nuances of the ship seems beyond me, let alone the idea of making one. Truly praiseworthy. What do you say?

And as you might have guessed, it took a good deal of time for the maker to develop it. As he points out in the comments (follow the source given in the end in case you have hunger for more) it took 4 hours to come up with the structure alone. The V shape idea also came hard while it took 11 more hours to work out other details, which the creator humbly calls ‘a fraction’ of the real thing. Well, even the fraction leaves us stoned!

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