The Steampunk Style Mask: You Ready Stanley?

We all know that Steampunk Art always comes up with imaginative crazy designs that one could hardly ever ideate and this time again it’s a mask depicting some excellent creativity; I wonder what would have happened if Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask) could use it instead of the original one? I bet the Mask would have been even cooler!

This weird Steampunk Mask was featured in Athens_Springer’s profile which may look horrifying to a few, awe-inspiring to people like me or it may even resemble the face of one the G.I.Joe’s, is made up from pure leather and brass; leather used for covering the face while brass is being used for forming the covering on the eyes & the mouth and also for the pinning the leather together. This hand made Steampunk mask can occupy your very own designer collection showcase or you can just use it in a Steamy halloween! Though Steampunk has been coming up with such amazing fictitious designs that renders one speechless, it would have been so much better if they also design something that is practically sound!

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