Ben Folds the Piano Chat Rouletteur Performs Live in North Carolina

If you remember we had written about the funny Piano Chat Roulette Man, Ben Folds who uses Chat Roulette in order to contact random strangers and creatively make music describing the stranger on the other end. This time around, he was recently Online and there is yet another video that shows him performing for a crowd and then relaying that over chat.

Note: video includes some profanities.

The most hilarious had to be the depressed guy who suddenly realizes he is on cam live, and that people are waving at him and he is being sung to cheer up! He sure did cheer up and grinned for the audience, while the guy on the toilet seat was clever enough to realize what was going on and even became party to the funny joke. If you can find him Online again, make sure you tell him he plays piano real well!

While it is not clear what the fetish for piano is really about, he sure seems to use the piano to connect with strangers in an innovative manner. If you were looking for other piano related fun stuff, we had written about the Virtual Piano, which you could play using piano gloves. You could also read about the Piano Keyboard which allows you to control a Table Hockey Game.

Ben Folds performed live at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 20th, 2010.

Via: Swiss Miss