Mechanical Beetle Designs Could Be A Mad Scientist’s Dream Come True

Ever since the conception of the term science fiction, Si-fi fanatics have been going around fantasizing about mechanical animals (insects in particular) that exist as an anomaly of science and Mike Libby’s unique take on art metamorphoses these fantasies into an artistic reality.

Beetle Rosenbergi

Beetle Dicra

These marvelous creations are the product of the artist’s chance encounter with the fully intact remains of a beetle, which got the gears on his head turning. It wasn’t long after this that he started picking up more dead bugs to pimp out and now scours the globe for beautiful creepy crawlies to add to his collection; but as with any nature loving person he makes sure that all the insects he gets are not on the endangered species list.

Beetle Buprestidae

The Steampunk beetles themselves in order to be immortalized have their soft insides taken out and replaced by a complex assembly of gears; now these gears not only impart mechanical strength to the bugs but lend a very aesthetic touch to the otherwise gross part of the insects. Even though his works cover a wide variety of insects the beetles are by far the most beautiful, the Euchroma Gigantae, Eupatorus Gracilicornis, Batocera Numitor and Chalcosoma Atlas being some of the amazing specimens in the collection.

Beetle Rhino

These biotic beauties sell for anywhere between $400 to $1700 which actually does not seem as much considering the work put into creating one of these works of art; so if you aren’t a entomophobic who appreciates art then these insects would be the perfect to your display cabinet and far as insects are concerned Lian Li PC-T1R PC mod will even give Spidey a run for his money.