Super Mario Bros Music Box Serenades Tune Lovers

The Music Box has been one of the favorite gadgets since the 19th century as it automatically plays tunes with the help of pins places on a revolving cylinder or disc. More complex music boxes also come with drums and small bells for extra musical experience. Here is a really cute music box that has been inspired by the Super Mario Bros.

super mario music box

With scenes from the Super Mario etched and painted on the music box, you could always remember the days you spent playing this wonderful game and listen to music in order to soak in a sense of nostalgia. It is not clear which tunes are available on the Super Mario Music Box from TimeLord but it sure is a great idea, and maybe if you have a music box lying in the house you could mod it to look like this.

super mario music box 1

You might need scenes from Super Mario in order to create a music box similar to the one shown here, and it would actually make a great gift to someone who loves the game. There have been several other mods and pieces of art inspired by Super Mario. Some of the ones that you might want to check out are the Super Mario Dog Costume, Super Mario Papercraft and Super Mario Furniture.