Giana 64: C64 8-Bit-Keytar-Mod: Past Meets Future and the Keyboard Meets the Guitar

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took an 8-bit home computer from the 80’s, mixed it with the capability of a modern day keyboard, and shaped it to remind someone that he’s holding a guitar?

Well, so did I till I came across the Giana 64: c64 8-bit keytar mod. I have to admit, it did come across as a rather unusual almost weird invention, but it is indeed pretty cool. Picture the stars, astronauts and musicians playing live on some far away planet in the universe – that’s what you visualize if you listen to what this baby has to offer. The person who made this Keytar took two SID 6581 chips and amalgamated them together with a MIDI unit. Now for those who do not know what SID is, SID stands for “sound interface device”, and this is what was used in the COMMODORE 64’s to belt out sound. Envision your monophonic mobile phone ringtones mixed with the power of a keyboard to control the notes and scales and to add the cherry on top, it’s shaped almost like a guitar. So you can hold down a minor scale structure on your keyboard and play around with the buttons on the hi-fi neck and make music that is not only weird in its approach but also catchy.


Going through the YouTube page of the inventor Jordan Bartee who goes by the nick “Crudface”, you can tell that people love this gizmo. This equipment can cost about $800, but for those of you who think this is a little too much for an old piece of computer equipment that is obsolete and doesn’t really deserve to be spent money on, think again. Innovations like this revolutionize the concept of contemporary music (and that’s something you don’t see on American Idol) .There are  a wide range of computer software’s that can do what the KEYTAR can do, but it is known as “computerized music” which according to sincere and dedicated musicians “kills the live vibe”.

You can make a band, get your bassist, your drummer and your guitar player and then take out this baby and show the rest of the world who deserves to be center stage belting out awesome music. Music is a universal language and anything that can suffice the definition deserves to be credited. The Giana 64: c64 8-bit keytar mod in my view is going to change the way people perceive the concept of music produced by a keyboard and a guitar. Move over folks, we now have a KEYTAR.

For those interested in more traditional musical instruments, the Vespa Guitar is a sure bet or even the Computer Keyboard Hotel California band rocking out using their geeky Computer Keyboards.

Via: NerdCore