Steampunk Alien And The Predator Reincarnated from Metal Parts

I’m sure most of us have witnessed the epic battle between the alien and the predator few years back, for taking over our earth but only to find themselves on the loser’s side against humans. Well, Now both the species our back! But don’t worry this time they are harmless as they have been reincarnated from junk that definitely makes themselves a part of the Steampunk vogue.junk predator 2

The Model as per athens_springer’s, comprises of the Predator with his weapon that is piercing right through the alien’s neck which for sure brings back the classic experience which the movie (Alien Vs Predator) was able to deliver through it’s much praised special effects. The Predator as well as its prey alien both are made from metal scraps, metal plates, bicycle chains and all various other elements that make it Steampunk in style. They definitely look as terrifying and as scary as the original beasts , why wouldn’t they when every bit of them is so intricately detailed? and one of the key features of this creation is that it is¬†completely portable, so display your work wherever you want without much difficulty.

junk predator 1

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junk predator