The PS3 Slim Portable Hori Design: 3rd Time Lucky

Picture yourself along with your friends wanting to spend the latter time of your Saturday evening playing the ps3 with your friends and you find out that your father has a football game to watch, what do you do then? Sulk?

Well sulk no more because HORI, a Japanese company has come up with the solution to the above mentioned problem. Viola, they have made a slim and portable version of the PS3 and no it’s not just another add on hack that could simply help you play the PS3 when you didn’t have the television at your disposal. The screen has an amazing display which in technical terms is approximately 1366 by768 pixels, and for a portable screen that is pretty darned good. So all you need is this portable PS3 slim with the awesome screen, your ps3 controllers and someplace where you could plug in the thing (strictly for electricity acquisition purposes). You don’t even need to carry your speaker system because the portable slim PS3 has built in speakers and this makes for an awesome buy. For PS3 enthusiasts who travel extensively or are at their grand-parents place with no place to plug the thing in, this is the best thing to have.


Sony with its playstation series has captured the imagination, time and money of the people who are most fond of playing video games. Ask me, I’d prefer the Playstation over any other gaming console any day, so when I read that there was a portable version of it coming out in the summers I immediately starting looking around for people in Japan or around that place to get it for me. Things like these cannot wait. As of late portable systems/things/gadgets have captured a significant market so this portable version of the PS3 is bound to get a significant following and ready people willing to buy the product. So technically if you want to kill some bad guys in GTA or catch on some football action with FIFA 10 while away from home, you don’t have to wait for the television set to get free or wait to get back home, the portable PS3 with the folding screen can be a wonderful friend, a compatriot and a best friend.

Technology has its perks, and this is definitely one of them. So wait and get this immaculate gadget and be part of the technological revolution. The original portable PlayStation is also being showcased with some interesting sliding features so make sure you check out the Sliding PSP Concept as well as the newest PS3 Firmware 3.21 update.

Via: The Awesomer