Art Masterpieces Shown in 3D Thanks to Samsung

How cool would it be to see Classical Art Masterpieces from the old days but in 3D? It seems kind of like an odd suggestion, yet Samsung shows how it could happen, and it looks pretty cool.

This new Samsung video is for their upcoming 3D television sets and instead of showing Hollywood Blockbusters, they decided on going on the old classic Artworks such as Mona Lisa, the Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Vitruvian Man and a few more.

Basically, the present these artworks in different angles and provide some depth, but then they do actually decide on adding some action when combining items from today’s films into the old artworks.

Well, some would love such ideas, for they will actually allow them to see the old favorite paintings in a new way, yet some would scream blasphemy for changing and modernizing them. Whichever side you are on, you cannot deny that Samsung are really trying to show the possibilities of the 3D televisions and have implemented a creative view. Well, maybe thanks to 3D, one of the oldest art questions ever could be answered: what is up with Mona Lisa’s smile?

mona lisa 3d painting