Ultra Cool Must-Have Rocky Balboa Impression Doll

A fan of the Rocky movie series? If so, you must really check out this cool acrylic on wood doll impression of the all time favorite movie character by xanderthurteen. The artist has morphed the all the time ultimate movie character into a funky adorable must-have memento. In this impression, the rough and tough southpaw boxer comes in his 3D metro look. The product is a masterpiece if not only for the jaw dropping yawning priceless face expression on Rocky’s face!


Xanderthurteen’s art is all about making off beat acrylic on wood dolls. Xanderthurteen specializes in creating replicas of popular characters and adding his own unique touch to his impressions. These chic impressions portray these characters in a totally hip and funny manner. This piece was originally designed for his friends Dom and Joe but this is in fact really a marvelous crafted tribute to one of cinema’s most loved and famous characters; the enduring, un-relinquishing boxer who has captured our imagination for thirty years in six groundbreaking blockbusters!

These products can be easily marketed for sale and distribution through the Internet. These are targeted toward a niche market, people who would like to collect such stylishly made acrylic on wood pieces as handy decoration pieces around their homes. Popular movie characters, such as Mr. T to Rocky Balboa to Muppets such as Gonzo, all compromise a memorable part of our collective entertainment memorabilia. Such crafts can be acquired by a range of customers varying in age and type.

Everyone’s place needs to lighten up. And what better way than to liven it up with stylish memorabilia of our favorite on screen characters. And not just as they were originally portrayed all those years ago but in a more chic and contemporary fashion that can be cool to have around! Offbeat and out of this world expressions such as the one on Xanderthurteen’s Rocky Balboa can make such décor not only stylish, but also funny and adorable adding a unique taste to your surroundings and sending out a feel good image. These small little pieces can add a marvelous effect to any setting.

Besides the Rocky Balboa Crunching USB Gadget or the Rocky Cellphone charm, I would like to see more similar impressions of great movie and TV characters that I grew up with like Mr. T. Such tokens have substantial sentimental value in popular culture.