Now Slash ‘n’ Hack In The Safety Of The Chainsaw Plush Toy

Chainsaws are probably the last thing you would like your children to play with, and if they do play then they might end up with a severed limb, this is the common idea any parent would have right? but what when you are like all grown up and are ready to face the harsh world and then would like to have some fun with a chainsaw? Then this is probably the best pick you have, a chainsaw plush that allows you to hack and slash all in the safety of not getting hurt or bleed to death.


This cool plush toy is definitely not for the kids and they only kids who would really play with such a toy would turn out to be either a lumberman or the other one which I need not mention. The chainsaw and the severed arm plush are a creation of Steff Bomb, of which the Chainsaw plush is a limited edition 20 piece toy that sells for $30 while the severed arm sells for $25, and for collectors there is a combo offer that offers both the toys at $50.


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Via: ToysREvil