Chew Chew Train Lunch Box Makes Eating Fun Again

Don’t your children seem more interested in playing with their toys rather than eating their food? Do you find it extremely difficult to make them keep their toys and come and finish their meals? Well get them the Chew- Chew Train lunch box and you’ll see them enjoying their meals for the very first time.Chew Train lunch box (1)

The Chew- Chew train, from Urban Trend, mixes eating and playing which is probably what any child in the world would wish for and with a cool toy train eat and play kit, your child will be all smiles at the dining table.

This lunch box is beautifully designed in the shape of an engine and can be separated into a glass, a plate with wheels and two differently shaped and colored containers, providing enough space for the whole meal. Your kids will no longer make a fuss about eating their peas and carrots; they’ll simply chew their way through their meals in this Chew- Chew Train.

Chew Train lunch box (2)

Having a toy train to play with while eating their meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be now your kids most awaited times of the day and what’ll make you happier than to see your kids happily munching their way through their three daily meals. Don’t be surprised if your kids ask for another helping!

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